As summer is only a few months away, it is time to think about where you will be spending more of your time. Hopefully, outdoors! You may have a patio with some outdoor furniture and a hot tub. What about a pool? Or an outdoor fireplace? You want to have a safe, durable floor that looks great. 

Over time, patios and pool decks will take in a lot of UV rays from the sun. Too much exposure might lead your current coating to fade or even crack. Compass Concrete Coatings uses polyureas that are 100% UV stable.

Additionally, whether using the hot tub or the pool, you will want a floor that doesn’t lead to accidents. Our anti-skid surface options provide added protection against slips and falls. 

If you are ready for summer to be here, then start preparing now. We would love to discuss our coating options for all of your outdoor needs. Create a stunning space for your family and guests to enjoy. For more information, call us at (707) 708 – 1776 or request a free quote here