At Compass Concrete Coatings, we leave your floors looking better than they ever have before. Whether you are getting a pool deck coated, driveway redone, or garage coated, we guarantee that it will look perfect once our team leaves. We pride ourselves in high quality work for an affordable price. In addition to stylistic features, our coatings are safe and durable. We believe in letting hard work speak for itself and love the transformations that took place below:

This garage had years of wear and tear. In the image, you can see scratches, stains, and cracks. Once Compass Concrete Coatings and our team finished this project, these homeowners were left with a beautiful garage. Coated with polyureas, there new garage is safe and is covered under our warranty. The new floor will not crack and is durable.

Again, this garage floor had been used over an extended period of time and had some cracks and tears. There were also stains and discoloration that was able to be coated with our chip color.

Our team loves leaving your home or business looking better than before. We love looking at projects before and after they are completed to see how much of an improvement was made. If your concrete floors look like either of the pictures above, just imagine how great they can look with a new coating.

To schedule an appointment today, please reach out. Compass Concrete Coatings would love to give your floors a fresh new look. Additionally, your new floors can be ready to use in as little as one day. Click here for more information.